The oven pings, the bun is baked.

Wow! My blog is dusty and full of spider webs. I haven’t been blogging much since last month because the hot bun in the oven is out! Yea, I mean my baby.hehe! I’m still recuperating and I can’t really sit that long in front of the computer. The iPad was my companion on the bed most of the time and blogging on the iPad is just not as satisfying.

As I prayed and wished for a normal delivery, I had complications and they had to cut me open. The first thing in my mind; DAMN I will missthat miraculous feeling when the baby slides out of my body.Oh well, she prefers coming out through the window rather than the door. January 14th, at about 12pm my water broke and the water was grey-ish. For those who don’t really know about this, it was suppose to be colorless. My baby polluted her amniotic fluid, she pooped in it! Why can’t you wait until you’re out my dear? So after 2 hours later I wasn’t dilating much and the doctor gave me the bad news; whether I could wait to fully dilate with the risk of drowning the baby as she’s swimming and swallowing the poopy water OR go through a c-sec. Hello? What choice do I have here? So they prep me up, had spinal anesthesia, and they cut me open like a leftover thanks giving turkey. I must say it was almost painless, however, now I know how it feels like to be paralyzed and almost dying. The drug made me groggy and suffocated they had to inject oxygen in me. After a slight feeling of poking here and there on my belly, I hear the most beautiful cry ever! She’s out! Yeay! but after just one loud cry, she stopped. I was confused and damn scared as they rushed the baby into another room instead of showing it to me first.  After a few minutes I hear my baby screams and it made me feel ok to go to sleep now.Yea, I was drowsy and sleepy. The nurse came in and showed me this beautiful but almost smurflike-blue baby.hehe! My husband and I name this little angel, Aleya MedinaAleya means noble and highly exalted/ sublime and Medina is the name of Islam holy city. Praying she’ll be a faithful muslim, solehah.Amen.This is her after the cleanup and no longer blue. The funny baby who pooped in my belly and get away with it by just smiling to me.

Alhamdulillah, even though layers of my nerves, skin and fat was cut to get her out, both of us were safe. However, the healing process? it hurts more than a normal delivery, I kid you not. I am told that I am going to feel numb for a year.Is this true? my o my..Anyways, Aleysha was overwhelmed by the new sibling she was a little timid at first, scared that all the attention to her will fade. A few days after, she’s more than happy to help around for the baby.

Aleysha Omyra and Aleya Medina. My blood, my heart, my soul. I love you both so much!

I’d like to thank my family, including my aunts and cousins and hubby’s family for all the help they have given my little crew here. Without all of you, I couldn’t imagine how things are going to be like.Thanks to all that have visited and all the presents you’ve brought along.I couldn’t thank you all enough.luvluv.

Malay Confinement meals are wonderful. Sorry I was totally neglecting the camera during meals as my movements are so limited and to carry things around is just impossible then. But I’ll try to post a few pictures and recipes to share with ya’ll as I’m getting better now! todelooo~