Baked Snakehead Fish (Haruan Bakar)

Baked Snakehead?ย Yikes! The sound of it may turn anyone off! This fish is called snakehead because its head resembles a snake’s head. The Malay calls it ikan haruan. Do you know that this fish are fresh water predators that eats each other? When they do, they’ll bite part of it’s ‘friends’ body and you know what? If the prey survived, the wound will heal, theย flesh regenerates and the bones too! Crazy ey? This is why it’s it strongly believe that this fish have strong remedial effects on wound. Even to human. So to speak, ikan haruan is THE FISH that many people cook to serve the wounded. In my case, my c-sec surgery. I’ve eaten this almost everyday in my confinement and I’ve to say it’s working. I heal better and faster comparing to those who did not take this fish.(for weird reasons). Make soups, grill, bake, and serve it with rice.Delish! Usually my mom would just lay on some sliced ginger,turmeric,garlic, season with salt and plenty of black pepper, a little water and bakes it in an aluminium pouch. Like the picture below. Served with rice with dashes of black pepper (confinement rules to heat up the body) and steamed sawi@ mustard greens. Snakehead anyone? :)